About Us

What We Do

The curriculum at Milestone Montessori was developed based on the educational values, philosophy and academic methods of Dr. Maria Montessori. This pedagogy involves providing an environment that allows children to explore at their own pace using activities that trigger their curiosity.
Milestone Montessori provides an enriched environment which encourages children to explore and develop their full potential through stimulating the cognitive, emotional, physical, social and creative stages of development.
Each classroom has an array of task-specific activities that provides our children with the opportunity to master commonly used skills that builds a solid foundation for learning. Our goal is to enhance the self-directed learning process and ensure that every child becomes a confident, self-motivated, independent individual who is respectful of themselves and those around them.
Our environment is designed to ensure all of our children feel safe and happy, and, in turn, allows them to feel secure enough to reach out for their next milestone.
Milestone Montessori is a fully licensed school by the Ontario Ministry of Education.
Our curriculum is a collaboration of Dr. Montessori’s philosophy and the Ontario Ministry of Education’s policy statement, “How Does Learning Happen?” programming and pedagogy.

Our Students At Work

We teamed up with H5Kids to showcase some of our talented students completing some of their favourite class activities