Food & Allergies

Meal Arrangements

Milestone Montessori works alongside caterer Wholesome Kids Catering (WKC) to provide high quality, healthy meals and snacks for our students. Food for Tots was founded in 1994 to provide quality, healthy and delicious food that children love and places an emphasis on the importance of developing good nutritional habits at an early age.

We provide our children with an entrée and two snacks that are delivered fresh, daily. All food items on the menu are in accordance with Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA) and the Canada Food Guide; approved by a Registered Dietician and support the Municipal and Regional Criteria including the City of Toronto Operating Criteria. Milestone Montessori also utilizes Food for Tots’ packed lunch services for field trips.

Allergy Information

At Milestone Montessori, we understand that different children may have different allergies or religious diets. We work closely with our caterer WKC to manage our children’s food allergies and restrictions and ensure they understand our specific allergy-related needs. WKC accommodates most allergies, multi-allergy requests and religious dietary restrictions. Some of the most common allergies and food restrictions we manage include those related to: gluten, dairy, eggs, fish, sesame, legumes, vegan, vegetarian and Halal.

We know that children with allergies and food restrictions want to feel included with their friends and what their friends eat. WKC specialty certified Red Seal Chefs develop food substitutions that match other meals and snacks as closely as possible.

All allergy-free meals are prepared and packaged in a separate area in a 100% nut-free, pork-free and shellfish-free facility. They are carefully sent in separate containers to avoid cross-contamination.
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Because we strive to be a nut-free zone for the safety of our students, outside food is not permitted in our school.

If your child has an allergy, please ensure you fill out the Anaphylaxis Alert and Emergency Plan document contained in the Milestone Montessori Enrollment Package as accurately as possible. While our staff members are certified and trained to handle situations like these, it is our top priority that our children are healthy and safe.